I was born in the summer time in Brazil.

I grew up speaking many languages and travelling around the world with my family. Maybe that’s why I think and behave the way I do… I’ve always been positive and adventurous! I’ve also always held nature and human culture in very high esteem. Both are infinitely fascinating and the source of so much inspiration for me! In addition to the collective, I believe in the individual; and I think that we each have the potential and the responsibility to do great things, and to try to improve the people, knowledge and environment we encounter.

Welcome to my blog, or rather, my platform for musings – where I hope to share with you some of my observations, thoughts, learning and experiences on working with design that makes a difference. Perhaps you will find some of the content motivational? Maybe you will take up the gauntlet in your own way. That would be fantastic! 

This may be a small beginning, but great ideas and powerful storytelling can be great motivators and catalysts for change. I’d love to hear your thoughts on my posts, get in touch via email.