We are living in exciting times!

For the first time, we are all starting to truly see one another as connected individuals, with unique stories and behaviours. This shift to user centred design resonates enormously with me. I love how UX brings together behavioural psychology, information, technology and communication. I joined the field of UX because, as an energetic, problem solving polymath, I feel like there has never been a better time to in design and technology. As designers, we have the potential to create products that can transform people’s lives and the environment.

How did I get here anyway?

I'm a General Assembly UX Immersive graduate, with prior experience in management consulting and graphic design, and an educational background in bio sciences. Studying UX has been the keystone to a career that is aimed at problem solving for people. Being adaptable working over a range of industries, coupled with a genuine passion for user experience design has helped me become a well-rounded, empathetic designer with a positive and outgoing attitude.

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And where next?

Having gained transferable experience in my past roles, I’m currently aiming to join a a collaborative, inter-disciplinary team that has big ambitions and a lot of heart. I'm interested in designing for good: working on products which delight and help people, bringing about positive impact on societies and environments. I cannot wait to join a team where I can help make a positive impact.

The word people most often use to describe me is "enthusiastic"

Interestingly, that comes from the greek "enthous" meaning "possessed"! I think that's probably a bit harsh – but I would say that I have a very sunny disposition.  I unapologetically work for what I truly believe in. I love the outdoors regardless of the weather, unexpected adventures, dancing like there really is nobody watching, learning new skills, planting seeds, ambushing people's expectations and then sprinkling in a touch of delight. I love dogs, maths, science, upcycling, regular cycling and working with equally motivated people.

Want to know more? Get in touch!

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